Building on their extensive group facilitation experience, Anabel and Dan now offer personalized sessions to delve deeper into your unique Gene Keys Holographic Profile.

With over 20 years of combined expertise as Gene Keys Ambassadors, they provide unparalleled depth and insight, guiding you on a transformative journey into your unique human template.

2:1 Precision Sessions

These 2:1 sessions were birthed from their group facilitation, as they found increasingly more depth when laser-focused on one individual’s unique configuration of Keys, Spheres and Lines within the matrix.

This may well be the most potent & comprehensive Gene Keys sessions available on earth right now!

It is an hour of precision-filled downloads, insights and ways to move forward more effectively with your unique human template.

The depth of what these two bring from their embodied, experiential wisdom packs some serious punch! Perfect for new-comers to the wisdom and seasoned veterans alike.

There is always more to explore in this wisdom, no matter how much one has been walking this courageous path and the path of personal growth and development.

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1 Hour Session with Anabel & Dan

2:2 Couple Sessions

Within any intimate relationship, there are always going to be themes emerging that are outside of our conscious grasp of understanding. Finding resolution with long standing issues and where there is looping of certain cycles can be a tricky business to navigate.

We are constantly in a dance with the other - A ‘wound dance’ of sorts.

We all come into this life with a specific map of our own shadows, coping strategies & wounds, and when we come into contact with another, particularly in long term relationships, these begin to get provoked at deeper levels, the deeper the relationship goes…

The Gene Keys give us a very unique lens of the specific wound patterns, emotional needs for each individual as well as the precise mental and emotional defence strategies that we learnt from a very early age, that now run a prominent script from underneath the surface of our lives.

Coming into contact with these provides profound new understandings of the way we operate, so we know what to focus on, as well as own and account for, whilst also coming into a deeper awareness of what our partners require at any given time.

We are all built so remarkably different in this life, and we have a roadmap to provide instantaneous insights and breakthroughs within any relationship dynamic.

Anabel & Dan have each been deeply immersed in the Gene Keys and the Venus Sequence over a decade. The level of embodiment and understanding provides a potent container for understanding, deeper resolutions and breakthroughs to take any relationship to the next level of being.

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90 MInute Session with Anabel & Dan

Family Constellation

The Gene Keys are a profound map of our unique human template.

Within this template has the specific imprinting of the first twenty-one years of our development, which means that we are able to track, and guide parents and young people into a greater sense of alignment with how they are designed to BE in the world.

These sessions have proven to be priceless for all parts of the family constellation, as greater awareness and understanding is achieved through going through the specific points of the template that matter most, especially if there is conflict or places of stuckness within the family dynamic.

With over 20 years of collective experience in the Gene Keys wisdom stream, Anabel & Dan are both deeply attuned to the deeper nature of the stream and provide an immense support from both parents and their offspring.

2 Hour Session with Anabel & Dan

"Dropping in quickly with Dan and Anabel gave me an immediate sense of safety. I felt immediately held, seen and gently stretched as they shared their reflections and some deep & resonant insights.

From this time I am walking away with key awarenesses that were delivered with raw truth and gentle precision as this loving container mirrored significant and deeply accurate opportunities for my continued growth.

I felt like we’ve known each other for lifetimes.

Being with Dan and Anabel is a true gift and this is an excellent investment I will make again."

~ Donna Bond, M.A.
Founder of Consciousness Rising, Inc.

About Your Guides

Daniel Regan

Personal Growth Consultant

Since 2008, Daniel's journey of personal development has involved a series of journeys and initiations that led him to an intimate understanding of the unconscious shadow mechanisms and the personal & collective wound patterns that are a part of humanities storyline at this time.

His life-long fascination with the polarities of the light & the dark aspects of existence, and the archetypes that fill these spaces have been the guiding light on his path of self-discovery and empowerment.

He walks a path of shamanic mysticism and specializes in anchoring mission-driven entrepreneurs and groups into a deeper sense of presence, magnetism & personal power - Achieved through owning, deconstructing and integrating the unique shadow and wound constructs that are waiting to be revealed, accepted and liberated in this life.


Anabel Vizcarra

Feminine Embodiment Mentor
& Womb Shaman

Anabel champions women into trusting their own healing process & reconnecting to their inner source of potent feminine wisdom and power. Anabel’s body of work is a synthesis of Womb Shamanism, Gene Keys, Lineage Traditions, Ayurvedic medicine, Quantum Physics & Eco-Epigenetics.

With over 15+ years of experience, she mentors women on how to tap into their deep inner well of gifts, grief and knowing. Thereby igniting a deep radiance & magnetism for life. Through sincere self-awareness, ancestral wisdom & emotional mastery - women become living and thriving vessels of alchemical power, to reshape their realities. She believes that when we have context for where we come from, we can locate why we are here and embrace where we are going.



"Dan's wisdom helps shine light on your unique template that makes you who you are, while activating (via his powerfully channeled verbal and energetic transmission) parts of your DNA that have been dormant until now. He works with an intuitive foresight which literally spoke volumes to my soul, sharing messages I had been waiting to hear my entire life.

He works with a very powerful precision and creates a container of such immense depth to go DEEP into exploration of your wounds, shadow patterns and limitations that stand in the way of living in ones full grounded potential.

If you're ready to go there, Dan can guide you all the way through to your next level.

I have released some very deep seated cellular memory pertaining to ancestral ties and limiting self-imposed beliefs and programming, and I felt so reaffirmed and validated in KNOWING who I am and the work I am here to share with the world.

I highly urge anyone seeking to receive clear, inspirational insights and permissions of how to best align to your greatest grooves and self, to invest in some time with Dan.

He is the REAL DEAL.”

~ Sydeney Campos, New York USA

"The thing I appreciate most about Anabel is her authenticity and relation to Truth. I feel that it's such a rarity to encounter someone living in their truth and expressing authentically without the fear of what others may think or say.

It's helped me tremendously in my personal journey as I remove the layers to uncover my authentic expression. Having this way of being modeled first hand, gives me "permission" to do the same.

Thank you Anabel for holding yourself to this level of integrity. I appreciate you so much! With so much love & gratitude."

~ Joanne

"When I came to Anabel I was overwhelmed and swimming in confusion and doubt. through her guidance I was able to ground back into my body and womb. I hadn't realized that it was within my body, where I was holding all of the confusion and doubt. Anabel helped me process the Grief that had been bottled up for so long.

I wouldn’t have descended so deep into this doorway without feeling safe, this was important for me, and this is exactly what she gave me when I came to work with her.

A safe space and permission to go deep."

~ Gloria Valdez

"Dan literally talks TO my cells. He holds a very specific transmission, which I can feel energetically dissolving some of my subconscious blocks and deeper defence patterns. I can actually feel the recalibration energetically taking place within my being during our sessions and interactions as I allow his voice to land in the places where any resistances still reside.

He has brought an immense amount of clarity in for me, as he illuminates the deeper mental & emotional constructs I have in place, and has the ability to collapse the stories and covert patterns that have sabotaged me from living in my deepest joy, abundance and presence in the moment.

In short - His unique blueprint supports me to come back into authentic truth & integrity with myself! His methods are clear, precise, grounded and always relevant to my personal experience.

I highly recommend anyone to work with Dan if you’re ready for an integral and clear mirror that will open up profound portals of understanding, personal insight and allow anyone to break free from the limiting stories and beliefs we hold outside of our conscious grasp.

You will receive some powerful light transmissions and inner breakthroughs on the way to re-membering your own brilliance and radiance that is our birthright."

~ Yvette Doudle, Adelaide AUSTRALIA

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